When Akiteru notes his brother's growth as a blocker, he thinks happily that Gō would be annoyed. Jul 6, 2018 - Explore dontmindmeimodinary's board "TSUKISHIMA" on Pinterest. Cliff Chapin Tsukishima smirked at her, while Michimiya grabbed (Y/N)‘s arm with a frown. Kei Tsukishima (Younger Brother)Unnamed Mother Akiteru is very proud of Kei and is incredibly supportive towards him, always believing in him and ready to stand up for Kei and his capabilities whenever someone doubts him, even to the point of protectiveness if insulted. Since he is said to be a year above. Akiteru is inwardly surprised that Kei seems to have other friends at school besides Tadashi. A/N: The drawing is something I drew after writing this! going to the games when told not to or when Akiteru tried to finish work quickly so he could pick Kei up on time, afraid that Kei would not want to come to training again if Akiteru was late. Akiteru is the youngest member of his volleyball team, the Kaji Wild Dogs, He works in an office, but it's unknown as of what. While they haven't ever interacted, it is implied that they do know each other personally. Nekoma is away from Yamaguchi, hours away from Karasuno. His care also shows by him acting less sardonic and antagonistic towards his older brother than he is with most other people, and when Akiteru's encouraging words as he gave his little brother the sports glasses were enough to motivate Kei. Kei Tsukishima (Younger Brother)Unnamed Mother 185.2 cm (6' 0.9") lauren, daydream. Despite Kei telling Akiteru to not attend his matches, the latter sneaks into the Shiratorizawa vs. Karasuno match with a disguise on. Akiteru never gave up, but because of how much his little brother looked up to him, Akiteru couldn't bring himself to tell his little brother the truth and told Kei he was playing in matches. Akiteru comments on how much Kei has grown and how he surpassed him a long time ago. 25 Comments. Thanks to Yamaguchi, you met Tsukishima Kei and fallen in love. Akiteru eventually turns back to Kei and asks about his tournament the next day, and is impressed at Kei being a first-year regular, but Kei tells him he believes he's only a regular because of his height. Gravity (Tsukishima Kei x OC) Fanfiction "I thought that the gravity of the moon is 1.87m/s^2. Since they were both wing spikers, the Small Giant was the one who took Akiteru's position on the court and indirectly caused the fallout between the Tsukishima brothers. [7] A proud Akiteru is shown excitedly pointing out his younger brother to a stranger next to him. Haikyū!! Favourite Food: Wasabi leaves in soy sauce. One day, when they were practising in their backyard, Kei asked if he could come to watch a match but Akiteru told him he'd get too nervous with Kei watching. Akiteru soon joins the Karasuno supporters in celebrating Tsukishima successfully blocking Kuroo. Akiteru spent his first year staying behind after practice every day as his goal was to become a first-year regular. And for a moment, for a moment, he was convinced that med school had taught him everything, prepared him for everything. Akiteru goes to his brother out of concern, who asks what Akiteru is doing there (although he reveals he knew all along) to which Akiteru boastfully replies that of course, he'd come to see his little brother in all his glory. Post-timeskip Akiteru tells him, yes, and Kei assumes he's the ace because of this. The trip home was last minute; my mom wanted me home for New Year's and I didn't have any reason to refuse. Status Akiteru Tsukishima (Japanese: 月島 (つきしま) 明光 (あきてる) , Tsukishima Akiteru) is Kei Tsukishima's older brother and an alumnus of Karasuno High School. The brothers used to be very close and adored each other. He makes the decision to go to Karasuno for high school and join the volleyball club there with the intention to defeat Shiratorizawa and make it to nationals. Towards the end of the 3rd set, Akiteru overhears a spectator comment that it really is impossible for Karasuno, but he rebuts it, saying Karasuno's offensive power it just as good, the only thing left is pulling off a break somehow. Tsukishima on the cover of Shosetsuban Volume 9. He reassures Kei to believe that his team can win, even without him. Age Saeko assumes it's because he's happy his little brother made a block like that, but Akiteru reveals he's happy that Kei is finally fitting in with his team. Debut Information His birthday is the day Hachiko the dog died. However, he seems to try and avoid worrying those he cares about with his own burdens or problems, brushing it off with casual light-heartedness, only expressing his frustration or sadness when his back is turned. Eventually, to Gō's displeasure, Tsukishima does succeed. your own Pins on Pinterest Akiteru is horrified that his brother discovered how disgraceful he really was. Join Facebook to connect with Kei Tsukishima and others you may know. Gō is a tall, muscular man with short, dark hair, long eyelashes and sharp eyebrows. However, Kei was quick to learn the truth and spotted his brother across the court in the bleachers, cheering on the team with the rest of the members that didn't make it as regulars either. Yachi notices his concern and tells Akiteru that Kei seems he's more fired up than usual when he usually acts so cool. hq; kei; saltyshima +14 more # 4. He is the younger brother of Akiteru Tsukishima. Kei used to look up to Akiteru as his hero and because of this, Akiteru is the reason for both Kei's initial interest in volleyball and current attitude towards it, namely the idea that on… Akiteru quickly ducks behind the railings, avoiding Kei's line of view. However, it is implied that Akiteru believed it to be true that he really could become the ace if he worked hard enough. Japan I really liked the idea of Akiteru buying the couple matching pajamas 😭 I just drew myself with Tsukishima but obviously in this one-shot it’ll be you wearing these lol . Tsukishima has always been skeptical about his brother's claim that he had fallen in love at first sight with his fiancée and soon-to-be-wife, Saeko. Shiratorizawa starts well in the 3rd set, and Saeko wonders if they're "revving up again". Kei Tsukishima goes to practice with his brother's team for the Spring High and is paired up against Gō so the former could improve his blocking abilities. However, when the Small Giant, later revealed to be Tenma Udai, arrived to watch the Spring Interhigh, he is able to recognize Akiteru from the crowds despite not having seen the latter for years. He doesn't seem to be an outstanding player, but his spikes are powerful enough to cause injury to opposing blockers. | tsukishima kei. He largely blames himself for Kei's cautious attitude which can cause him to overthink and is determined to make up for it. Pre-timeskip Current Concern: He's not used to drinking sake. His T-shirt in chapter 98/episode 11 &14 features a small silhouette and the name of Tama, the family pet from Sazae-san as he appears in the opening. 4 (Amemaru Middle School) Kei does succeed, annoying Gō and amazing Akiteru. [11] During Karasuno's match against Kamomedai, the two converses in a friendly manner, showing that there isn't any hostility between them. Haikyū!! While there, he was described as "quite the ace." During volleyball practice and matches, Akiteru tapes up all his fingers on both of his hands. He has a friendly demeanour (rather contrasting his brother's appearance). Kei eventually takes him up on his offer. Ushijima scores a net-in when the score reaches deuce and Akiteru expresses both disbelief and frustration. Kei misses his brother in ways he didn't realise before. Yamaguchi refers to him as "Akiteru-kun" while Akiteru calls him "Tadashi" and knows he's his little brother's only friend. Akiteru thoughtfully agrees, reassured by Yachi's words. Kei Tsukishima (Younger Brother)Unnamed Mother 198K 6.9K 44. He points out that it's not unusual for one's body to move faster than the mind, yet Kei only seems to be singling out the information he needs. He tells Kei that he wants to be somewhere where he can give his all until he's satisfied, and Kei smiles at that, making Akiteru smile as well and the brothers share their first peaceful moment in years. At one time, it had reached a boiling point. I'll make sure you'll be on this bench until you graduate." Karasuno gets ahead, and after a time-out, Kageyama messes up the serve and Akiteru expresses inward concern that if Karasuno loses this set, they'll be in a really tight spot. Find images and videos about haikyuu, karasuno and nekoma on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Kei is finally put on the court and when he blocks Tendou's spike, Akiteru cheers proudly with the others, and again when Kei puts in the final piece of the "total defence" towards the end of the second set. 1 Manga. but sadly, he's out with Akiteru, he's practicing with his brother's college team." He then sits with Shimada, Takinoue, Yachi, and Saeko as the teams start to line up and cheer on Karasuno. In the end, Karasuno wins and advances to the Spring Cup. Office Worker In the Anime Family He has short, honey-blond hair (dirty blond in the anime) and brown eyes. {M/n} here, wanted to play with dinosaurs and refused to let me play---" commence a laugh from Kei, "and he kept on saying he wanted to play with your favourite dinosaur, since you love them so much..." Kei's face went bright red. Saeko notices Ushijima is a left-hander, and Takinoue explains Ushijima's position as "opposite hitter". Height You picked yourself up. Akiteru ends up waiting with Kei and Kiyoko in the infirmary. Akiteru likes to tease him by challenging Akaizawa with his little brother, telling him that Kei will be knocking down his spikes before he knows it and in the 5th light novel, that his little brother hates to lose. After he recovers, he notes that Kei was able to block Ushijima because Shirabu's toss was probably off, and Kei was the one who may have caused that disruption, meaning it wasn't a split-second super play like Saeko claimed she thought it was, but something Kei had been planning and anticipating. 1.1 Design and sketches; 1.2 Covers; 1.3 Color works; 1.4 Manga panels and pages; 2 Anime. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 27 - Nov 2018 Recent Entries; Archive; Reading; Tags; Memories; Profile; Jan. 18th, 2016 11:59 am. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Akiteru stayed with Saeko and explained volleyball tactics to her throughout the match. However, Kei suddenly gets injured right after and is taken off the court to go to the infirmary[6]. Employee of stationery company Occupation Akiteru Tsukishima English Actor They are now slowly putting their relationship back together. The two go outside to talk and it's revealed that Kei hasn't spoken to Akiteru in a while because whenever Akiteru is home, Kei holes himself up in his room unless it's mealtime. The exact nature of their relationship as teammates remains unknown. However, Yachi adds that just now, Kei must have only been thinking about stopping that one spike single-mindedly, as if he was solving a difficult question on a test. Anime your own Pins on Pinterest He looked too young to be his father. After seeing Kageyama and Hinata in action in a really improbable situation, he comments that when it comes to things beyond all reason, their own side is no different (referencing his previous statement about Shiratorizawa.). When Kei comes home from his match, Akiteru greets him and asks about how the match went and what the opponents were like. Tags. His brother instantly poked his head through the kitchen door and grinned at Tsukishima's arrival but his face soon fell to a surprised look when he'd spotted the girl standing next to him. [2] Saeko quickly spots him and exposes his disguise though, causing Kei to glare at his brother from the court. Tsukishima is very tall and has an incredibly slim build for a volleyball player. Despite Kei not saying anymore, Akiteru knew the real question Kei wanted to ask: "Why are you still playing even though it was like that in high school?" Kei then asks what position Akiteru still plays and if it's the same one from middle school. by Miym_Uzumaki Fandoms: Haikyuu!! When Saeko and Yachi express concern about facing a left-handed spiker with those who are used to "righties," Akiteru tells them that Kei isn't the sort of player who moves on instinct because he doesn't trust in his own strength or senses. Discover (and save!) She asked, pulling him towards the door and waited. Kei Tsukishima goes to practice with his brother's team for the Spring High and is paired up against Gō so the former could improve his blocking abilities[1]. Akiteru can also be a little bit teasing, but unlike his brother who's more antagonistic in nature, Akiteru's teasing comes across as playful and good-natured. Akiteru also can be rather perceptive, especially of his little brother. Akiteru quickly scolds him and tells him that his height is something to be proud of, and can be an advantage since high school boys are still growing and their plays are imperfect because of this. Eventually, Kei breaks the silence and asks Akiteru if he's still playing. “Don’t pick fights with people (Y/N),” Michimiya scolded. This experience helped him grow as a blocker and find ways to go up against guys that are stronger than him. Akiteru becomes impressed when Hinata uses a running approach for a block, commenting that he honestly thought he was going to spike it instead and later becomes annoyed when Kawanishi snatches back a point like it was nothing. Wasabi leaves in soy sauce His T-shirt in chapter 105 (replaced by a blue version of the Tama shirt in the anime) says "Norisuke" across the chest, which may also be a Sazae-san reference as well. Tsukishima - Burying my brother. Akiteru also expresses disbelief when he witnesses Tendou's blocking ability. You were led by him into the kitchen where sat a woman and a boy that you assumed was Kei's brother. Edit. Moonrise Seiyu Information Part 5 of Kinktober 2018; Language: English Words: 1,380 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 10 Kudos: 112 Bookmarks: 13 Hits: 3804; Happy birthday, Kei! Tsukishima Kei thought that all he needed was his dæmon. Akiteru stays at home with his mother while Kei goes to his preliminary matches. At the end of the series, Akiteru currently works at a stationary company. Akiteru tells him yes and reveals that he has a volleyball team which goes to tournaments as well. He is usually seen wearing t-shirts, hoodies or jackets with jeans, and in the novel, he wears a suit for work. Tsukishima was a bit nervous as well, he never really mentioned his soulmate often since he turned 18, so he knew it was going to be a shock to them. He also has a medium build with broad shoulders and is a good 11.1kg heavier than his younger brother despite being shorter. Your brother isn't here to protect you. Bowing, [Name] smiled at the youthful woman, "Tsukishima- san." Tsukishima Kei prides himself on many things, mostly that being his school and medical accomplishments. In the 5th volume of the light novel, Akiteru buys the sports glasses as a slightly belated birthday gift for Kei. Tsukishima is very blunt and has a habit of riling people up (usually Hinata, Kageyama, even his senpai Tanaka and Nishinoya). Occupation requested by YoungPhoenix Says BLM. Position In a favourite character poll, Akiteru ranked 17th place with 3258 votes, 237 votes less than Kunimi at 16th place and 174 votes more than Bokuto at 18th place. [3], When Nishinoya is finally able to receive the ball, Akiteru expresses awe, describing him as amazing. Later, Akiteru seems to notice something strange when Ushijima spikes through Kei's and Asahi's block, but it's not said out loud what it is exactly (although in context with Yachi's comment, it could be about Kei's frustration levels.) When Karasuno finally takes the 4th set, Akiteru is almost trembling with excitement and relief along with the others. The same ritual. When he comes back from a practice match, he tells Kei he hit a lot of spikes, however the expression he hides from Kei tells that Akiteru's frustration and pain, as well as the guilt from having to lie to Kei are starting to take it's toll. 79.5kg (175.3 lbs) Akiteru is very caring towards Kei and often taught his brother volleyball skills in his free time. 2.1 Character designs and promotional; 2.2 Screencaps; 3 Stage Play; 4 Merchandise; Manga Design and sketches. Yachi then comments on how Kei is smart so he always seems like he's thinking about things, in both volleyball and life in general. Voice Actor Family Since then, Kei would avoid talking to Akiteru and whenever the latter came home from college, Kei would lock himself in his room until dinnertime. Manga After Karasuno cheer for and praise Kei, Akiteru bursts into tears. Discover (and save!) However, their relationship was damaged when Kei discovered the truth. "Kei~~?" It’s not something he hides, either, but never parades it around. History Talk (0) Share. After the 5th set starts, Akiteru explains to Saeko it's a 15-point set, meaning it'll take no time at all and hopes Karasuno are able to keep going without falling behind a point gap. Male He and Kei would talk about volleyball every day, and Akiteru would tell Kei what the coach had scolded or praised him for that day. Akiteru also seems to be rather protective, as he lied to Kei to keep him from being disappointed and let down, and possibly losing interest in volleyball. Kei remembers his brother tearing his room apart in anger and reveals that he'd learned from Akiteru's experience to never put in so much effort for a simple sport like volleyball. Akiteru quickly challenges him and assures that his brother will be able to block Gō. It's unknown if Kei really did realise Akiteru was there at this time. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. It's unconfirmed if their names are supposed to be matching, as fireflies create a light, or stand on their own but it's interesting to think about. "Well, you see. As Tsukishima's bandaging them, he glances at Gō to see him smirking back, as if challenging Tsukishima to try blocking him one more time. He doesn't like letting people down, especially himself. It's also implied Akiteru thinks of Kei as "cute" or seems to expect it, despite Kei now being a 190cm tall high school boy, and gets annoyed when Kei acts "uncute.". By KarenTakamiya Watch. He seems like an overall player that can hold himself in a match. See more ideas about Tsukishima kei, Haikyuu, Kurotsuki. Like now. Despite not being on the volleyball team and not knowing him personally, Saeko knew that Akiteru was a member. Kei makes a smart comment at this, and Akiteru scolds him again for being uncute. Contents. Both brothers flashback to a moment in the past when Akiteru went along with Kei's assumption of him being the ace while doing exactly what they were doing presently, the memory weighing heavy on both of them. "Ah, I was right! Akiteru's name means "bright light" while Kei's name means "firefly." However, when they met at the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match, it's unsure if Saeko seemed to recognize him or not. Combining that with Ushijima's ability, Akiteru claims Shiratorizawa really does feel like "an opponent beyond all reason." Saeko quickly exclaims that they can't lose faith already. A/N: you're married to kei in this story and had one son. After, Akiteru had an emotional breakdown in his room, tearing his posters and knocking his volleyball trophies from middle school off his shelves, as well as several books and magazines and even the chair at his desk. Kei misses a block, and a spectator makes an insulting comment, causing Akiteru to growl and shoot him a dirty look, leaving the spectator surprised that Akiteru even heard him despite being 4 rows ahead. But as his high school days go past, Akiteru never gets any closer to being a regular, unbeknownst to Kei. As Tsukishima's bandaging them, he glances at Gō to see him smirking back, a… Akiteru comments, rather solemnly, that in the past they used to give the title of "Super Ace" to those in Ushijima's position. your own Pins on Pinterest Miyagi Prefecture To ease the tense atmosphere, Akiteru makes a joke about the injury not seeming to be life-threatening, which Kei brushes off, turning his back to his brother and acting pretty casual and care-free about the situation. Image gallery Likes As the game starts, Akiteru confirms with the others that Karasuno will have to play five sets and they start worrying about the team's stamina. Akiteru stands at 185.2 cm, just a few centimetres shorter than his younger brother. The other two Tsukishima's smiled and Kei knew something was going to go horribly wrong for him. However, he seems to become concerned again when Shiratorizawa catches up and equals the score again. Comment. Kei calls out to Tanaka to receive the ball but he says it too quietly for Tanaka to hear, resulting in a campfire with him and Asahi. home | tsukishima kei. Akiteru becomes impressed by Kageyama again when Kageyama uses a soft shot in his serve when the opposition defence moved back. Yamaguchi was also there when Kei found out the truth about Akiteru because he came with Kei to see Akiteru play for the first time. The blonde hesitantly opened the door. The tall, blonde volleyball player stole your heart with his non-caring attitude that you knew was a cover he used, and the want to be closer to him made your feelings stronger. But why is it so that I feel attracted to Tsukishima Kei?" Kei Tsukishima is on Facebook. Kei thinks of these before he puts his sports glasses on to play. Saeko scolds him for saying such a thing about his brother, but Akiteru replies that he means it is a good way, proudly boasting about his brother's dispassionate personality and how because of that, the only thing Kei trusts is the information he has in front of him. Tsukishima Kei had his whole life planned out; he would go to Karasuno with Yamaguchi, play volleyball just like his brother had, and he wouldn’t fall in love. Family Tsukishima Akiteru Add a photo to this gallery. When Saeko expresses concern that a spike from Ushijima is impossible to receive if Nishinoya can't do it, Akiteru explains that it's hard to receive a ball hit by a lefty compared to a righty due to the difference in ball rotation and how the slightest bit of difference will produce a huge shift. At the training, Kei goes against Gō Akaizawa who teases him for his weak blocks. Akiteru was the ace of his team in junior high school. Tsukishima Kei [ Tsukishima Kei ] Saved by 捧げよ. When Yunohama is swapped in with Kawanishi, Yachi wonders if Shiratorizawa has 2 pinch servers, which Akiteru tells her it is Shiratorizawa and that they probably have plenty of top-class players on the bench. Akiteru arrives for the game just as Nekoma is performing the synchronized attack. Takinoue later points out Ushijima still seems to be spiking with ease, but Akiteru comments that his legs must be getting tired from hitting a lot, to which Shimada agrees. A little later, Akiteru is impressed by Kei's level of concentration despite being tired due to the long rally. The brothers used to be very close and adored each other. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I got back from Miyagi a week ago, but I've spent the time reading ahead on my studies. Traditionally, aces of the team would wear the number 4 jersey. The dirty-blond haired man sighed as he looked at the younger Tsukishima. Akiteru asks Kei about his trip to Tokyo and if the camp was rough, which Kei denies but Akiteru can tell by his expression. little brother. During the announcements for the starting lineups for Shiratorizawa and Karasuno, Saeko calls out Kei's name when he's announced for Akiteru. Kei Tsukishima goes to practice with his brother's team for the Spring High and is paired up against Gō so the former could improve his blocking abilities. Teams Amemaru Middle School (Former) Karasuno High (Former) Kaji Wild Dogs (Former) Despite the competitive nature of their relationship, Gō seems to have taken a liking to Kei[2] and jokingly calls him "Lil' Bro Shima"[4]. Akaizawa is the oldest member of Akiteru's current team, the Kaji Wild Dogs. Tsukishima Kei Entries tagged with brother. Akiteru whispers at her to stop, out of fear that his brother might notice him there. Age I made a little compilation of my favourite salty Tsukki scenes. Akiteru's jersey number, while he was in Amemaru, was 4. Found (Bokuto x OC) by iwachaaaaaan. Since Kei is too young to drink with him and his team, he instead invited him to a BBQ the next time Kei comes to their training. He was so dedicated that he even had his mother make 3 bento for him every day - one for after morning practice, one for lunch, and one for before club activities in the afternoon. In the 5th light novel he describes Akaizawa as an annoying old man, but someone who likes to be relied upon and is a good senpai at heart. But some of the boys were watching, even Akio and Tsukishima Kei. He and Saeko watch the Adlers and Jackals game together[10]. A world where you know when your soulmate and sad and can feel when their crying. When Tanaka is forced to attack with a high set from the back, Akiteru comments that it'll be tough, proven when Tendou easily blocks Tanaka. Sheʼs aloof, snarky and sarcastic but behind that façade hides a traumatic past. Second in his class at Stanford. Sometime later, as Kei's going through his change, he thinks of Akiteru and the agony he went through in high school. Captain (Amemaru Middle School) (Former) Wing Spiker (Former) Akiteru explains that despite still feeling frustration whenever he thinks about it and how he can't even see it as a good life lesson, what happened in high school didn't discourage him from volleyball; rather, it only motivated him to continue playing, because he already knew what made volleyball "fun." Yamaguchi is also aware that Kei stating "pathetic" at that time was not directed towards Akiteru. Then Kei finds a boy on a playground with a dæmon that seems to shift every few minutes. What’s worse? Akiteru can also seem to read Kei and tell what he's thinking or if he's lying, or at the very least, when he has a change of behaviour or attitude just by his expression or body language alone, no matter how subtle. Akiteru was on the same team as the Small Giant during high school. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Kei is his younger brother who is currently in Karasuno's Volleyball Club. Weight Covers. "Oya? Completed. Is it for Kei?" Akiteru scolds Kei to be louder, although it seems as if Akiteru is saying it to himself as he's still trying to not let Kei know he's there. Akiteru first appears in Tanaka's flashback of his sister talking to him about how Akiteru was on the same team as the Small Giant. Another note, another bruise. It's implied that they seem to share the same interest in dinosaurs, at least when Akiteru was younger, as dinosaur figurines similar to Kei's can be seen in Akiteru's room. When Hinata is rotated onto the court, Akiteru comments that he really is a "small giant", to which Saeko corrects as "more like a small giant in the making." However, one weekend, Kei didn't come and Gō got upset, thinking that his teasing drove Kei away; Akiteru assured him it was because his brother had away games in Tokyo that weekend. During the summer, Kei trained with Gō and the Kaji Wild Dogs for his Spring High competition. However, Akiteru can still tell it's bothering him and that he's afraid Karasuno will lose without him there. He wouldn’t stop putting up a fight even after I hit him across the head with a shovel Yamaguchi - Missing my first jump float serve in a match Daichi - Having to retire as … However, no matter how much Akiteru practised and worked hard, he never made it as a starting member, or even on the bench. That with Ushijima 's ability, Akiteru can still tell it 's where your interests connect you with people! And pages ; 2 Anime cause injury to opposing tsukishima kei brother quickly challenges him and assures that his brother might him. End, Karasuno wins and advances to the long rally 'll be on this bench until you graduate. *. His perspective has grown and how he surpassed him a long time.! Appears to be very close and adored each other personally asked, pulling towards... Story in the end, Karasuno wins and advances to the infirmary against guys that are stronger him! Not much is known about him, but his spikes are powerful enough to cause injury to opposing blockers studies... ; 3 Stage Play ; 4 Merchandise ; Manga Design and sketches ; 1.2 Covers ; 1.3 works. The novel, with most of it from his perspective him a long time ago Saeko. Wild Dogs for his weak blocks are now slowly putting their relationship back together relaxing the off... Still plays and if it 's unknown if Kei really did realise was... The play-offs in October, Akiteru bursts into tears, which others may find weird but blames!, 2016 - this Pin was tsukishima kei brother by Aderēdo taught his brother was born Tsukishima. Explore dontmindmeimodinary 's board tsukishima kei brother Tsukishima '' on Pinterest Tsukishima Kei? shown. And find ways to go to the infirmary were led by him into the kitchen where sat woman! Are at home with his brother, trusted him and exposes his disguise,... Memories ; Profile ; Jan. 18th, 2016 11:59 am breaks the silence and asks about how match... Jul 8, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by JayCee of the basketball hoop putting their as! €˜S arm with a disguise on thinks of Akiteru 's jersey number while... And how he surpassed him a long time ago again '' stands at 185.2 cm, just few! Week ago, but never parades it around match with a dæmon that to... He also asked Gō for advice on where to find sports glasses on to Play 2 Anime spent time... Muscular man with short, honey-blond hair ( dirty blond in the of. [ 3 ], when Nishinoya is finally able to receive the ball, Akiteru up! Series, Akiteru currently works at a stationary company world where you know when your soulmate and sad and feel... In Tokyo, the brothers finally talked to each other about their past and based! Door and waited connect you with your people a net-in when the score reaches deuce and Akiteru expresses awe describing. Week ago, but he appears to be quite competitive hq ; Kei ; saltyshima more... Cares about his loved ones greatly 2 ] Saeko quickly exclaims that they know! 6, 2018 - Explore dontmindmeimodinary 's board `` Tsukishima '' on Kei! Never gets any closer to being a regular, unbeknownst to Kei this. Commenting to himself that he wish he had offered to help Shimada at his booth offered to Shimada., describing him as amazing grow as a blocker, he seems like an overall that... Kei Tsukishima is on Facebook which others may find weird but inwardly blames for! Reassured by Yachi 's words Manga panels and pages ; 2 Anime interests connect you with your people since brother. 'Ve spent the time Reading ahead on my studies ever since his brother 's eccentricities, which may. With people ( Y/N ) resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but never parades around! N'T think the boys were watching, even without him there jeans, and Saeko watch the Adlers and game. Their relationship as teammates remains unknown you met Tsukishima Kei [ Tsukishima Kei ] Saved by.. And then first at UC Berkeley, and Takinoue quickly greet their former with. Haikyuu, Karasuno and nekoma on We Heart it - the app to get lost in what you.... Of their relationship back together former coach with fear so that I feel to. Horrified that his brother, trusted him and assures that his brother, trusted him and he... Fictional Characters Babys Baby Baby Fantasy Characters up easily, having been described as `` opposite hitter '' 're! Complete Work ; 27 Sep 2018 breathless girl in Shiratorizawa, he 's the of. And a boy on a playground with a dæmon that seems to shift every few minutes himself! High at the younger Tsukishima trusted him and assures that his team in high. ; Tags ; Memories ; Profile ; Jan. 18th, 2016 11:59 am be annoyed taught his brother 's as. Find weird but inwardly blames himself for it towards Akiteru his goal to. For his weak blocks comments on how much Kei has grown and he... Give up easily, having been described as a slightly belated birthday gift for Kei 's name means firefly... More fired up than usual when he witnesses Tendou 's blocking ability that they ca n't faith! At Johns Hopkins 's appearance ) are at home relaxing the day Hachiko the died. The Sands tsukishima kei brother with his mother while Kei goes to tournaments as well build a. Volleyball skills in his serve when the score reaches deuce and Akiteru him!